Red Velvet Digital Comes to Baltimore


Like most of us I’m sure you’ve seen ads on Facebook and Instagram. Ever wonder how they work? Or even if they are effective? There’s hundreds of ways to go wrong and waste your money on these platforms if you are a small business person or even a large company. Enter Red Velvet Digital, a digital marketing agency that focuses on Facebook and Instagram advertising for female-centric brands.

Priya and Courtney, two young entrepreneurs, created RVD in 2018. They contacted me to arrange for a photography session. We met at Function, a co-working space in northeast Baltimore. The place was perfect for this high-energy team, who were looking for new headshots as well as candid-style “at work” photos for their website and social media. Armed with just one big softbox light, we spent the next two hours moving from sofa to countertop to conference room, taking advantage of the bright artwork and natural light abundant at Function.

I must admit that this was kind of a dream location. Since it was a Wednesday morning, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The owner is incredibly generous, allowing us to shoot wherever we wanted. He even sat in on a faux workshop we staged so we could get a few shots of Courtney in front of a whiteboard. Though I often include props in my photo sessions, the only tool we ended up using was a laptop.

Visit to learn more about this coworking community. And if you are looking for help with your social media advertising, be sure to follow RVD’s Instagram account at

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Work + community

Through photography, I maintain a deep connection to the everyday citizens of Baltimore. My city is culturally rich, full of people of all colors, from all walks of life.


my Location

My studio is located in downtown Baltimore

132 W 25th St, Baltimore, MD 21218




Mini-sessions start at $125 and headshot sessions at $225.


Corporate / group rates start at $800 for half day

and $1600 for full day.