Time to update your company’s website?

When was the last time you looked at your company’s website?

I mean, REALLY looked at it?


Do you have photos of people in conference rooms or lounges, talking with each other, laughing, interacting, socializing? If so, does that strike you as a little, well, 2019? How long has it been since you or your employees had face-to-face meetings, either with each other or with clients?

Perhaps it’s time to update your website with photos that are more representative of the times we live in. Or at least that don’t depict scenes that are completely out of sync with the times we live in.

Consider photos of architectural details if your office is in an historic or architecturally noteworthy building. Or photos of client projects or activities. Have your folks written books that could be highlighted? Do you have a few branded items that could stand in as props?

Here are a few examples from recent corporate shoots to give you a few ideas. These sessions are inexpensive and safe — your employees don’t need to be involved at all.

Got other ideas? Give me a call and let’s brainstorm.

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