Women: How to Prepare for your Business Headshot

Preparation is the key to a successful business headshot. Here are a few tips on wardrobe and makeup to make sure you’ll be happy with your photos.

Attire: Conservative dress, suit or separates. Medium solid colors are fine, though if you ordinarily wear bright colors that works, too. Try to avoid black clothing if possible. If hair is shoulder length or longer, jacket or top should be in a contrasting color – e.g. light hair and a white top will wash you out; dark hair and dark top may not provide enough contrast.

Long sleeved blouse or top is preferred, or, wear a jacket or blazer. Avoid attire with low cut neckline.

Avoid long or dangling earrings or large jewelry.

Hair and Makeup: Even if you don’t typically wear makeup, it’s a good idea to apply foundation, mascara and a bit of blush. Otherwise, wear your regular makeup, but avoid dark or heavy eyeliner (makes your eyes look smaller on camera). Also stay away from “frosted” or shiny products — we want a matte finish. You should avoid experimenting with a new hairstyle before your photo session.

If you wear glasses and would like to be photographed both with and without them, just let me know.

Feel free to bring extra clothing – ties, shirts, jackets, blouses – as well as jewelry (for women) to the session. Some styles and colors simply work better in front of the camera than others.

Please make sure all clothing is pressed and on hangers. You should try on your outfits before bringing them to the studio, particularly if you haven’t worn any of the items in a while.


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