Lawyers and Law Firms

Potential clients are going to look you up online before they ever meet you. A great headshot is critical for making a good first impression.

headshots for lawyers and law firms

With my extensive legal marketing background, it’s no surprise that lawyers and law firms comprise a large part of my client base. This experience gives me a unique understanding of your firm’s culture, clients and systems that is simply not available with other photographers.


Perhaps the greatest benefit I bring to the table is efficiency. I specialize in headshots – you’ll find no weddings, family portraits or newborn photos in my portfolio. This means I can create a high impact, flattering photo very quickly – usually in just a few shots. Most of my clients appreciate this, but for attorneys and other timekeepers it’s critical. I get you from in front of the camera and back to your clients in record time, without sacrificing quality or your professional image.


I understand the nature of your relationships with your clients.


I understand that attorneys are hired to resolve serious problems, problems that can involve millions of dollars. Though you want to promote your services, you don’t want to appear frivolous, or flashy, or unsympathetic. I take your practice and your clients into consideration when we collaborate on your headshot.


If you are a marketing or HR professional, I know that it’s important to make your job easier – to minimize complaints about protracted photo sessions, or brusque interactions, or uncomfortable or inappropriate poses. Need headshots of attorneys in other offices? I have a wide network of colleagues who can provide photos in the style and format we specify. Do you need a custom background? I regularly change backgrounds of headshots, whether it’s a location in your office or a stock photo acquired online.


Baltimore headshot photographer

"I worked closely with Vickie on an overhaul for a prestigious law firm’s website that required entirely new customized photography. She was able to accurately capture the firm’s unique personality and culture, and everyone at the firm appreciated her skill, time and consideration. I would recommend Vickie in a heartbeat to anyone looking for sophisticated photography with a personal touch."

Vickie Gray Images is located in the historic Meadow Mill complex, in Baltimore’s popular Woodberry/Hampden district.

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