A great headshot is the workhorse of the photography world. It has to communicate your trustworthiness, competence, professionalism, and success. An effective headshot needs to reflect you at your best, but should not be too glamorous. You want to look like you’re about to say “Hi, I’m pleased to meet you.”

Baltimore business headshot photographer

As we talk about the background of your shoot and your objectives, we’ll decide on your attire, and then we’ll get to work. Sometimes we get the perfect picture in just a few takes. Other times we experiment with different poses, expressions and wardrobe, until we get it right.


I’ve done hundreds of headshots for all kinds of professionals. My clients often comment, “This session was fun! It wasn’t at all like what I expected. I really didn’t expect such great images of myself.”


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"Could not have been happier with the results... professional head shot that doesn’t look stodgy! An experience and result I would recommend all professionals sign up for."


-Mike M.

Work + community

Through photography, I maintain a deep connection to the everyday citizens of Baltimore. My city is culturally rich, full of people of all colors, from all walks of life.


my Location

My studio is located at Mill Centre,
3000 Chestnut Avenue, Suite 102, Baltimore MD 21211


When you visit, be sure to type “Darby Street and Mill Road, 21211” into your navigation system. Free parking in our large private lot next door.


Headshot sessions start at $250.


Portrait sessions start at $400.