Travel in time to the Edwardian era with Polaire Woods

Back in 2018 or so I came across the Instagram profile of a young woman named Polaire Woods. Her personal style caught my attention, and we connected online. I followed her modeling and fashion career with interest — she specializes in vintage and fantasy fashion, meticulously researching every outfit to learn the history and culture of the period. Polaire is also a seamstress, making many of the items she models.

Eventually we arranged a photo session, then another, then another. Every shoot yielded unique and haunting images. The sets and concepts are usually mine, but the styling, posing and details are totally hers.

Recently Polaire modeled on Instagram photos of an Edwardian-era ensemble (she made the skirt herself). The clothing was breathtaking and I sent her a message saying “I have to photograph this in the studio.” So last week she headed over to Hampden and we got to work.

One of Polaire’s inspirations is John Singer Sargent, so I tried to keep the lighting aligned with that style. Zoom in to see the incredible detail in the hat as well as in the skirt and the belt. This is not exactly “vintage glamour.” Polaire calls it “antique glamour.” I call it spectacular.

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