Welcome to Vickie Gray Images! Our home is on 25th Street, in the Old Goucher district of Baltimore. We use every bit of space inside and outside of our building.

Baltimore portrait photographer

The first floor is where we do our portraits, headshots and glamour sessions. Lights, backdrops, mirrors and props take center stage here.

Baltimore photography studio

Our prep room is where clients change wardrobe, apply makeup or try out a few poses in front of a mirror.

Baltimore photography studio
baltimore art photographer

More props are in the prep room! From jewelry to vintage glasses, luggage and larger items like antique radios and coolers.

Glamour photographer
Baltimore photography studio
baltimore photography studio

Downstairs you’ll find fur coats, evening dresses, period costumes, wigs and hats -- just a few of the items you can wear in your session.

Baltimore photography studio

This marvelous daybed is perfect for glamour and boudoir shots. It’s private and comfortable as well as versatile.

Baltimore photography studio

When the weather cooperates we have lots of cool options for backdrops. Our favorite is the gold wall. There’s also a spectacular mural, as well as numerous industrial style spaces.

Baltimore photography studio
Baltimore photography studio
Baltimore photography studio

Looking forward to seeing you here soon!

Work + community

Through photography, I maintain a deep connection to the everyday citizens of Baltimore. My city is culturally rich, full of people of all colors, from all walks of life.


my Location

My studio is located in downtown Baltimore

132 W 25th St, Baltimore, MD 21218




Headshot sessions start at $250. Portrait sessions start at $375.


Corporate / group rates start at $800 for half day

and $1600 for full day.