Giving Young Talent a Start in their Acting Careers

When I started my photography business in 2016 actor headshots weren’t something I contemplated, since Baltimore is not a major film or video market. Fast forward a few years and actor audition headshots are now a significant part of what I do. There is a big market in commercials and corporate video, as well as opportunities when HBO or Netflix are filming in town. Finally, we have a lively independent film community that’s always in need of talent.

Most enjoyable are the sessions with young actors, ages 6 – 16. These performers are usually just starting out. They get a professional gig or two and find they enjoy it. The moms then contact a few agents around town and are told they need to provide professional headshots to be considered for any roles.

Both the moms and the kids are great to work with! The moms are so concerned about making sure the attire and poses are correct. The kids don’t care, they are full of joy at just being in front of the camera.

Nolan and Aubrey are two of my most recent clients. They are both in demand for a variety of roles. I wish them the best of luck and hope to see them again in the studio throughout their careers.

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